Would you like to Run Far?

Run Far is a first person parkour game with an emphasis on movement and a laid back atmosphere.
We invite you, the gamers, to play the prototype.

About the game

You play as Marina, a young parkour enthusiast making her way to The City's train station.
This is no easy task for a broke slacker living literally on the other side of The City, though.
She must make good use of both her skills as a traceur, and The City's subway system, if she's ever to sate her wanderlust.

The City is divided into districts, each with a distinct style and wicked cool obstacles and tasks.

Run Far is heavily influenced by games like Jet Set Radio and the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series.
Other influences include the works of Shinichirō Watanabe and Isaac Asimov.

Why release the prototype?

Quite simply it's the best way to gauge interest for a full version of Run Far. Let us know your thoughts!

The Team

Design Mage
Eero Turkia
Web - Twitter

Art Sorceress
Elina Sievänen
DeviantArt - Twitter

Audio Wizard
Joost Kraaijenbrink
Web - Twitter

Team Porpoise

We are Team Porpoise, a multinational game developy trio.
Our aim is to make cool games that make you go like "woah" and/or "this is fun".